Part of the production process is a separate development research center in which the production process begins

Thanks to the technological background and extensive experience with the cooperative production of welded parts, we can offer complete development and production of a wide range of additional equipment, steel structures and machines.

Preparation of material

Production possibilities
Laser sheet metal burning to the size of 3000x1500x12mm
Band sawing up to ø320 mm
Bending with a force of 320t on a length of 4270 mm
Blasting items up to 2.5 m

TRUMPF Trumatic TCL 3030 Laser cutting machine
Pilous ARG 240 CF-NC Band saw
Bianco 320 CNC band saw
TRUMPF Trumabend V320 Press brake
Ermaksan SpeedBend Pro 42170×320 Press brake
LE 160 press
Skoda rotary sande


Machining of parts

Production possibilities
Turning with max. circulating ø800 mm for a length of 8000 mm
CNC turning ø550 mm on a length of 3000 mm
CNC milling 1600 x 600 mm
CNC horizontal machining d. 6000mm a v. 2500 mm
Grinding max. ø400 at a length of 1500 mm

Lathes SC18RA, SN50C / 1500, SN74C / 4000, SUI80 / 8000
DOOSAN PUMA 300A and 400XLMA CNC lathes
FCR50CNC and FCQR 63CNC milling machines
Horizons WHN110Q, WHQ13CNC and WPD 130
BHU 40 grinder


Welding shop

Production possibilities
Welding in a positioner up to 2t
Welding of structures up to 5t
Welding sources 200 – 600A


3D measurement and quality control

We ensure the quality of machining and supervise the entire production process. We are committed to a high standard of production and machining through quality control.


Paint shop and assembly

Production possibilities
High pressure manual degreasing and passivation
Wet manual painting with the AirLess system
Assembly of components into units – steel structures, hydraulics, wiring, motors with accessories
CNC bending of pipes up to ø 40 mm

2 box painting (7x5x5m) and drying booth (7x5x5m)
with overhead conveyor with a load capacity of 2t
Separate assembly hall 78 x 18 x 11 m
equipped with two bridge cranes with a capacity of 8 and 3.2 t
XOTH 40 CNC pipe bending machine